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Sometimes there are nights like these where i just enjoy sitting in my house trying to figure out what i’m going to do with my life. I know the career i want. and i know who i always want by my side during it. granted chances are still slim and i accept that. but i’m talking about dreams. a bucket list of some sort i suppose you could call it. But how can i do them? I’ll sit here and figure that out.

On my street, we have two stray cats that we all take care of. One cat called Cashmere, she is seriously the sweetest cat, lovable, and very friendly to people. There’s also another cat, whom we call fat kat. Fat kat is the complete opposite of Cashmere, mean, a bully, stole Cashmere’s food, and she didn’t like people. She only started warming up to me a couple weeks ago. Yesterday fat kat was acting very different, walking weird and she wouldn’t let anyone come near her. We couldn’t figure out why. An hour before I got off of work I received a call from my neighbor, fat kat had given birth to 3 kittens, they were all dead. As soon as I got home I went to fat kat, she was wet and bloody and so tired. There was nothing I could do other than sit there and pet her. Suddenly it had all made sense why she was stealing food and why she was so big. She was taking care of her family, and in the end it still didn’t help. I don’t really know why I’m blogging this, it was really upsetting to me, I love animals. But if you would’ve seen how devastated she was, you’d understand.

Who can you trust?

Based on some past experiences that i have, i trust very few people. 

There are people that i consider my best friends, yet i find it very hard to trust them with my secrets.

One person that i trust completely is my boyfriend. As a matter of face i actually trusted him before we were even together, he’s my best friend. if i had to pick any one of my friends for that title, it’d be him. He’s always been the type of guy that will just sit and listen to everything you have to say, then he’ll try and help you as best as he can. He keeps my secrets, we tell eachother everything. I couldn’t be any luckier.

He’s my rock. He keeps me grounded and down to earth, and i really need that right now. I will always need him.

Another person is someone that i’ve known since 5th grade. He is so important to me, and the only person that i act like a dipshit around, well other than sam…he shows me that helping people is something that not many people think about and changing the world are bright goals to have. He believes in me. He talks me through every situation that i go through and he always offers support. Can’t ask for a better friend than that right?

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